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At Laser Pain Centers Of America, neuropathy treatment is handled using non-invasive therapies. Tens of millions of Americans have nerve damage, a condition known as neuropathy. The most common symptoms of nerve damage are pain, burning, tingling, and loss of feelings in your feet, legs, and fingers. 

We embrace an integrated approach to wellness, treating patients as people, not just a collections of symptoms.  Striving to provide solutions that are drug-free and non-invasive, we utilize treatments like physical rehabilitation, Class 4 Medical Laser therapy, dietary modification, and chiropractic care.

Rather than prescribing medication, we strive to first use physical medicine in combination with advanced medical treatments to deliver the very best results, while helping patients live their healthiest lives. Neuropathy treatment may involve physical therapy, chiropractic care, dietary changes and advanced stimulators, depending on your particular situation.

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Poor Sleep

Burning Pain

Hurts When 
You Walk

If you're seeking a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy for neuropathy, look no further! Our advanced medical technologies and individualized care plans for neuropathy treatments address the underlying damage that causes the symptoms of neuropathy such as numbness, pain and the "pins and needles" sensation common in the hands and feet.
Our Therapies Treat A Wide Range of Neuropathy Conditions

- Numbness or tingling in your hands or feet
​- Sharp, jabbing, throbbing or burning pain
​- Extreme sensitivity to touch
​- Lack of coordination and falling
​- Muscle weakness
​- Paralysis of motor nerves
- Poor quality and lack of sleep

Why Choose Us?

At Laser Pain Centers Of America, we treat chronic pain management and relief from other medical problems, striving to help patients achieve their wellness goals. By treating patients as people, rather than collections of symptoms, we are able to create a customized treatment plan based on a thorough diagnostic assessment, using not only chiropractic care but also a variety of other physical medicine disciplines in a strategy tailored to your lifestyle.
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